Reading & Number Partners

Do you have pupils who are struggling with their learning & in need of extra support to help raise attainment levels?

Ablaze’s Reading and Number partner programmes can help!

We have significant experience and expertise in managing volunteer led reading and number partner programmes for primary and secondary schools that support children with their reading and number skills. In 2018-19

Ablaze supported 361 Primary School pupils with 248 volunteer Reading and Number Partners

Our Reading Partners’ Programme helps to raise the literacy levels of your under-performing pupils by giving them extra one-to-one reading opportunities with an Ablaze business volunteer.

Reading Partners encourages pupils to read more, read better and be more confident in their ability.  Schools have reported that when a pupil’s confidence grows from their reading sessions with a business volunteer, their comprehension & ability to master literacy improves at a greater speed than it would without this additional support.

95% of pupils read with more confidence; 87% improved their literacy attainment levels; 97% read more frequently; 78% are more confident with their mental maths; and 96% have improved their maths attainment level.

Impact and benefit for pupils

Improved reading skills

Enjoyment of reading and talking about books

Improved confidence in their abilities

Improved communication skills

A business volunteer reads with their Reading Partner.

Our Number Partners programme aims to increase the skills of pupils who are struggling with simple maths calculations.  Volunteers support small groups of pupils by playing targeted number games. Children gain increased confidence & skills in their maths work and this informal support boosts their attitude towards maths generally.

Impact and benefit for pupils

Two primary school pupils take part in a Number Partners session with a corporate volunteer.

Improved numeracy skills and raised attainment levels in maths

Increased enjoyment and confidence with numbers

Raised self-esteem, confidence and social skills

Improved communication & team-working skills

How it works

Ablaze matches your school with a local business; we recruit, train and complete DBS checks for all volunteers; each scheme is tailored to the individual needs of the school and the availability of the volunteers and pupils; volunteers visit the school and listen to the pupils read on a one to one basis, or play maths games with a small group of children; we review and evaluate the intervention's impact throughout the school year, to maintain the scheme's future success.

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