Reading & Number Partners

Our Reading Partners programme matches volunteers with a child for 1:1 reading support. Volunteers support a child while they try to master reading helping to give them the best chance to make the most of their education and go on to succeed in life.

Schools have reported that pupil’s confidence grows following sessions with a business volunteer, their comprehension and ability to master literacy improves at a greater speed than it would without this additional support.

Our Number Partners programme matches volunteers with 3 to 4 children for small group number support. You do not need to be a mathematical genius to make a difference to a child’s number confidence. Volunteers work to increase pupils’ confidence with simple mental maths through playing targeted number games.

Schools have reported that when a pupil works with an adult who isn’t their teacher, this support can boost their attitude to learning maths.

Reading and Number partners commit to giving 30 minutes a week for an academic year.

In 2022 35% of children across the South-West were not meeting their age-related expectations in reading, writing and maths at the end of Key Stage 2. Those children may then struggle to access the information they need to work independently at secondary school.

Ablaze Will:

Businesses report that participating in our volunteering programmes has impacted staff personal development by:

Increasing their skills in time management, supervision and communication

Providing team bonding & networking opportunities

Promoting employee engagement and well being

Developing transferable skills

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