Ablaze exists to tackle inequality of opportunity for young people in the West of England region. We do this by utilising the skills and commitment of business volunteers. We aim to

• raise young people’s confidence and aspiration;
• support their attainment and skill levels and
• empower them with knowledge to make informed choices about their future.

This is our third primary school poetry competition. The competition is open to all primary schools in Bristol and South Glos. We see it as an extension of our work in primary schools; to encourage enthusiasm and engagement amongst our young people and to celebrate their creativity.

The theme this year was Our Planet and we were amazed by the quality of the entries and the heartfelt nature of the poems children wrote. After rigorous judging our winners were celebrated at an event hosted by Clarke Willmott. This year’s winner was Maryam Iqbal from Whitehall Primary with a masterfully constructed and moving poem, ‘One World’.

The prizes awarded to our winners were generously donated by businesses. The publishers Intellect did pro-bono work on producing the book of poems. We are looking for sponsorship or gifts in kind for our competition for the future. £200 would enable us to increase the size and quality of the book, £300 would enable us to print out more copies and give some away for free, £500 would enable us to hold 2 poetry workshops in primary schools, delivered by local poets.

If anyone would like to donate a prize or sponsor the competition please get in touch with sally.melvin@ablazebristol.org


One World by Maryam Iqbal Year 6, Whitehall Primary School

I wish we lived in a world where everyone was treated equally,
No difference between rich and poor,
Where we all lived in perfect harmony.

A world without conflict and war,
A world where we respect every faith
A world where we could be sure,
That no one was unsafe.

A difference in race can start a war,
A war between the powerful and poor,
So what if we are black or white?
We all have the same rights.

Poor children crying in pain,
Just want to be happy again.
Scared, they sit in hunger,
Knowing they may not live for longer.

Loving families torn apart,
Feeling distressed, hopeless with a broken heart.
People’s homes shattered to rubble,
Their lives now an ever-lasting struggle.

Let’s all come together, united as one.
Let’s end all wars and put away the gun.
Why can’t we all just see,
That unity is diversity.