Ablaze are thrilled that Perry Court E-ACT Academy has gone from being the worst school in Bristol to the best within the last two years. We are proud to have been part of that amazing journey the school has been on. Ablaze has been supporting the school with a fantastic Reading Buddy team from Computershare since October 2015, and this business-school intervention has seen their pupils succeed in raising their literacy levels.

“Since beginning work with us, Ablaze and Computershare have become an essential part of curriculum time within Perry Court E-ACT Academy. Giving the children that 1:1 time with an adult who values reading has really helped us to raise the profile of reading within our school and embed reading for joy and pleasure as a fundamental part of the culture of the school. All the volunteers come in consistently and have built exceptional relationships with our children so that their positive effect is not only having an educational impact but a pastoral impact as well. They really are role models for our children and we look forward to keeping this community relationship going into the future.”  Richard Healey, Headteacher at Perry Court E-ACT Academy

Daniel Stevenson, the Ablaze Business Coordinator at Computershare, commented “The fact that we have helped with their success by providing Reading Buddies for a few years now has caused quite a lot of pride amongst our staff! We’re really proud of Perry Court and how they have developed. Due to this impact, we are going to try to recruit more volunteers to be able to support as many pupils with their reading as possible.”

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