Our Mission


Mission statement

Ablaze exists to tackle inequality of opportunity for young people in the West of England region.

We do this by utilising the skills and commitment of business volunteers.

We aim to

  • raise young people’s confidence and aspiration;
  • support their attainment and skill levels and
  • empower them with knowledge to make informed choices about their future.



Since 2005 thousands of young people across the wider Bristol region have been supported by business and community volunteers delivering Ablaze programmes in schools. These programmes aim to raise aspiration and attainment and improve skill levels to boost young people’s chances in continuing education, employability and life.

Ablaze has extensive experience of matching school requests with business offers of support. Our role in brokering and managing these partnerships is fundamental to our success. Both businesses and schools appreciate our understanding across cultures and value the guidance, support and structure we can provide.

Ablaze works with organisations to maximise the value volunteers bring through recruitment, training, brokerage into schools and measuring impact. Businesses see the personal development of their staff through volunteering. Schools see the tangible impact our programmes can make on their students.

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Our Values


  • Evaluation is vital for measuring our impact, reporting to our partners and ensuring our programmes remain relevant.
  • Collaboration is key – working with others for the mutual benefit of young people in the West of England is a priority.
  • Social mobility – promoting social mobility is a challenge we must tackle to ensure equality and inclusion.
  • Community engagement – supporting businesses to make the best use of their resources to support their community and make a difference to the lives of local people.