How we are Funded

Ablaze receives no statutory or government funding to support our core budget. We work hard to raise the funds we need to sustain our work. 100% of the money we raise goes towards supporting the programmes we run to impact on social mobility for young people in the West of England region.

If you would like to donate money to Ablaze please do so here.

Our funding sources are:

  • Programme charges to schools and businesses (8%)
  • Donations from business partners (22%)
  • Funding for specific contract work undertaken (63%)
  • Grants from trusts and foundations (7%)

Charges to schools and businesses

Ablaze makes modest charges to schools and businesses for the set up, delivery and management of all our programmes, Primary and Secondary. These charges do not cover the full costs we incur as we try to keep them to a minimum level. These charges are vital to the sustainability of Ablaze and our future development. Details of charges for each of our programmes is available on request.

Donations from business partners

We are very grateful to the generosity of a selection of our business partners who make regular donations to Ablaze to support our work. These organisations recognise the impact of what we do and understand the reciprocal benefits of partnering with us.

  • Rolls Royce
  • Airbus
  • TLT
  • CMS
  • UWE
  • Burges Salmon

Contract work

Thanks to our reputation and expertise we have won a series of contracts which fund specific parts of our work.


At present Ablaze has received a number of small grants from a selection of trusts and foundations.

Our Partners

Tackling the issue of inequality of opportunity facing many of our young people in the West of England and promoting social mobility is the core of all Ablaze’s work.

This work is made possible by the commitment and dedication of our volunteers. We are proud of the network of business partners that we have grown over the years and that many of these partners have been supporters of Ablaze for several years.

Ablaze would like to thank all our Partners, without their support we could not have the impact we do on the lives of the young people in our region.

Contact us if you would like to find out how to become a partner with Ablaze.