Calling all of our WEM school students out there – our face to face programme might have been postponed at the moment but our business mentors have all been thinking about you and are eager to continue supporting you, so they have created some “How to” videos on various topics to support you during this challenging period on a weekly basis. See below for the first one!

How to Look After Yourself

Lockdown has been hard. We have all had to adjust to new routines, not see our friends in person, and missed out on all the lovely things we would have been doing. Now that it’s starting to be eased it’s even harder – what can we do? what can’t we do? it’s so confusing! The most important thing however is our wellbeing…one of our mentors from RPC, Amy Taylor, has recorded a brief video about this topic: click here to see what Amy suggests

Activity – Keep a weekly wellbeing diary. Write down what you did every day to be physically healthy and mentally healthy including what you ate and drank. Do this every day for a week – is there anything you did well and is there anything you would improve? Click here for your own My Wellbeing Diary.

Stay connected – check in on each other regularly. We are all video calling and texting our friends but don’t forget your family too, especially your older relatives who may not have left their house at all. A quick phone call just to check in with them will make you feel good as well as them. And don’t forget, this situation will pass and we will be able to hug each other again!

Keeping physically healthy – there are tons of fitness videos on Instagram and You Tube if you have enough space to do this…but the most important thing is to try and get out of the house every day. Getting fresh air will make you feel more positive and less cooped up, especially if you are lucky enough to have an open space near you where you can walk on grass and hear the leaves rustling and birds singing!

Keeping mentally healthy – life can be distracting at home! As well as getting out and about it is also important to get some quiet time to yourself, even for 10 minutes, to relax and try not to think about what stuff has happened in the past or what may happen in the future. OTR is a mental and social movement by and for young people living in Bristol and South Gloucestershire – click here for more information. Youngminds is another really helpful site with lots of ideas to support you with your mental health, as well as signposting you to further help if needed – click here to see further suggestions on looking after yourself.

Have a routine – organising your time can help you feel more in control and less stressed with the current situation. Plan when you are going to do your school work – set goals for what you are going to tackle that day and what you want to learn /and achieve – and remember to plan in breaks to take time out and relax.

Thanks Amy from RPC for all these great tips!