While we are still stuck at home it’s hard to make that distinction between not working and working and it’s too easy to let time slip by without doing anything really constructive. So how can we manage our time?

One of our mentors from Bristol Energy, Georgina Elliott, has recorded a brief video to help you do this. Click here to have a look at what she suggests.

Activity – create your own timetable. Using these tips devise your own weekly timetable – when will you start, when will you have your morning and afternoon break, when will you have your lunch, and how long will you give to each task? You are in control! Click here to get your own timetable template.

Structure your time – break your day down to focus on what you want to do and when and write this down to help you stick to it.

Have breaks – make sure you factor these into your day – you need time to relax in-between tasks and then you will feel more refreshed and able to get back to work.

Have the same routine for every day – try to start and finish at the same time and have your breaks and lunch at the same time – this will help you feel more focused and in control of your day.

Set goals – a goal is something specific you want to achieve within a certain time frame. Setting them helps you to think what you want to do by when, gives you purpose and helps you to stay focused, and gives you a sense of satisfaction when you achieve them. You may want to write a list at the end of the day of what you want to achieve for the next day. This can help you reflect on what you have and haven’t done that day, and help focus you at the start of the next day – and feel great when you can cross them off and see what you have achieved.

Remove distractions – turn off notifications on your phone or even remove it completely from your workspace so that you are not constantly picking it up. Ask other house members not to disturb you for a set period if you really need to focus on getting something done.

Be kind to yourself – we all have off days. If you don’t achieve much that day, don’t worry. In this current situation we need to recognise that sometimes we really won’t feel like doing much – take some time out, do something you like doing, and return to it with renewed energy the next day.

Thanks Georgina from Bristol Energy for all these great tips!

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