We are all now living in a virtual world where everything is being conducted online. This is fine with our friends, but how do we deal with more formal situations?

One of our mentors from UWE, Louise Goux, has recorded a brief video on How to be Professional Onscreen. Click here to have a look at what she suggests.

Activity – what can you remember from what Louise suggests? Click here to build your own checklist before your next virtual meeting and remember to add your own suggestions too.

Do your prep – as with any face to face meeting or interview this is no different – you still need to prepare any questions / answers, have any documents in front of you that you may need, and have a pad and pen to hand to take notes. Look at yourself on the screen – is your background free of clutter, mess, distracting objects? Make sure your backdrop is as appropriate as possible – piles of clothes, unwashed dishes or an unmade bed is not a good look!

Dress the part – if it is a professional meeting or interview, make sure you wear the type of smart clothes you would have worn in person – so no pyjamas please! How you present yourself and how others perceive you is still really important on screen.

Do a pre check – test the technology! in this new virtual world we are all using different platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, so give yourself enough time before the meeting starts (not just a few minutes!) to check the link as you may have to download the app or register your details in advance. Check your camera and sound is on and working.

Be yourself – relax and smile!

Thanks Louise from UWE for all these great tips!

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