Henbury mum Samantha Peglar is very proud of her daughters, Leilani and Imani, who are now both Ablaze competition winners. Imani won best cover design in Ablaze’s Poetry Competition in 2019 with her stunning interpretation of that year’s theme, Travel. Now her sister Leilani is joining Imani as a winner, as her poem ‘Water’ saw off nearly 600 other entries from Primary School pupils across Bristol to win best overall poem this year.

We headed round to their house last week to say congratulations and give Leilani her winners certificate. We kept to the garden and kept our distance but took the opportunity to take some photos and chat to the girls about how it feels to be winners.

Here is Leilani’s poem and Imani with her cover design, pictured at last year’s celebration event with the Lord Mayor.

Water by Leilani Peglar
Year 2, St. Ursula’s E-ACT Academy

My mummy says it’s important to drink water every day
So that I can keep healthy and keep illness away.
I know I’m really lucky, the water we have is clean,
Children in Tanzania drink water filled with disease.
Those children aren’t so lucky, they get sick and many will die,
I watch the films with mummy and it makes me want to cry.
No clean water to play in and none to wash in too,
Water filled with worms and fleas,
Drinking wee and poo.
I wish that I could help them, to be as lucky as me,
I promise to drink more water, so I can stay healthy

This year’s poetry book, with over 90 selected poems and a collection of pictures, is in production and will be available to buy soon. You can order a copy for just £5, plus £2 P&P, at enquiries@ablazebristol.org


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