Employability Workshops

With hybrid working now the norm, there is reduced opportunity for new employees to learn informally from more experienced people, develop their soft skills and their understanding of office etiquette.

To combat this Ablaze can offer workshops aimed at teaching new employees those vital soft skills and supporting their professional development.

‘I feel more confident in my own ability and have learnt more about what I am capable of. I have a better understanding of how I can use the skills I have learnt in my role.’

The latest Labour Market Intelligence report released by WECA states that the top skills being requested by employers are teamwork, collaboration, budgeting and engineering software. Our workshops, delivered by Ablaze staff and industry experts, cover three of those four areas. We can also create workshops to suit your specific training needs.

Established workshops include:

Financial Literacy

Takes candidates through the basics of financial literacy to support them in becoming money savvy. Candidates will look at managing and budgeting, understanding basic finances, and how to work with money in a variety of settings.

Delivered by Simon Emery, First Intuition

Communication Skills

Explores using multiple communication channels, the art of listening, being heard, and presenting.

Delivered by Lucy Beattie, Ablaze

Social Media and Marketing

Supercharging professional social media usage plus a beginners guide to effective marketing.

Delivered by Shaun Hickman, Speed Communications

Customer Relations and Networking

How to interact successfully with customers in a variety of situations including face-to-face, telephone, email and virtual video scenarios. Key tips and techniques for being an effective networker.

Delivered by Sally Melvin, Ablaze

Project Management

A guide to project management tools and techniques, how to effectively plan, deliver and evaluate projects.

Delivered by Sally Melvin, Ablaze

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