As part of the annual two day conference of the Defence Senior Leadership, Rolls Royce held a Leadership Community Event in Bristol on 15th November 2017.

This event gave young people from Ablaze schools the opportunity to meet some of Rolls Royce’s senior leaders and to take part in some fun business and STEM related activities and workshops. Young people were able to practice interview skills; question senior leaders about their careers; work alongside the leaders in a building group challenge and design a 21st Century logo for Rolls Royce.

Rolls-Royce STEM Ambassadors who are recent graduates and apprentices helped to support and run the event, which was a fantastic chance for Bristol students with an interest or aptitude for STEM subjects to find out more about STEM careers.

Feedback from the event was incredibly positive, with all the students attending saying they found the event worthwhile. The students were pleased to have improved their communication and problem solving skills, as well learning how to network. The students especially enjoyed the mock interviews and meeting the Rolls Royce engineers and Senior Leadership.

A student from Merchant’s Academy said “I benefited from all the skills and I’m thinking of doing work experience at Rolls-Royce. It was a great evening.” Another commented that they “felt inspired to try hard at school to be successful like the adults I met there”. A student from Orchard School said “I now have a better understanding of Rolls Royce and engineering” and another commented that the event “made me want to do engineering”.

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