Following a kind donation by Rolls-Royce for pupils from Ablaze schools to have the exciting opportunity to go to some children’s shows at the Hippodrome Theatre, we are delighted to report that the first block of theatre trips went incredibly well, with all pupils thoroughly enjoying & benefitting from the experience. A lot of these pupils have never been to the theatre before, so this exciting treat for them made them feel very special. We received some fantastic feedback and photographs from the schools about their visits.


St Michael’s on the Mount Primary School- Awful Auntie

James Almond, Deputy Head Teacher commented:

“The three girls thought the show was amazing and were very grateful for the opportunity (the free ice creams were a big hit as well!). Even 7 weeks later, their enthusiasm for the event is still very high. It makes a big difference being able to offer such opportunities to children at our school, as many of them would not access such a visit through their home life.”

Year 4 Pupil comments:

“I liked the sound effects – everyone was surprised when the gun powder exploded!”

“I liked where we were sat. It was very fancy; we had a table there. I have never been to the Hippodrome before.”

“The costumes were designed really well – just like I’d imagined from reading the book.”

“The man acting as the auntie did so well.”


Summerhill Infant School- Awful Auntie

Ira De N’Yeurt, Head Teacher, commented:

“Thank You to Ablaze and Rolls Royce for their kind donation of theatre tickets that were used by pupils and families at our school. It was an amazing experience for the pupils and they said they felt very ‘posh’ sitting in the box watching the performance of Awful Auntie. For those lucky young children that attended, it was their first experience of a theatre play and all the experiences that go with it: lighting, set design, seating, architecture, sense of occasion, and the ice cream at the interval was an additional delightful surprise for them!

We are fortunate to work with Ablaze who helped organise a seamless day of pure joy and entertainment for some of our most vulnerable children, which they will cherish.  We look forward to continuing our work with Ablaze and generous partners like Rolls Royce to give our children aspirational memories to build on.”

Angel : ‘I woke mummy up this morning I was so excited’

 Mia: ‘We have been VIPs for the day’

Amelia: ‘The scariest part of the play was when the girl fell off the roof!’


Glenfrome Primary School- Peppa Pig

Clare Banham, Reading Recovery Teacher, commented:

“They all joined in with clapping and singing and really enjoyed the performance. The Year 6 child said she thought “It was amazing to be VIP’s! It was really fun and I enjoyed it. Just being there and sitting back and watching!” The other child told me he loved the giraffe (apparently it is a new character! I checked, as I wondered if he’d made a mistake!). He also wanted to tell me that he had ice cream!!  Please thank all those involved in giving us the tickets!!”


Two Mile Hill Primary School- Awful Auntie

Rachael Wright, Management of Interventions Lead, Two Mile Hill Primary School, commented:

A big thank you Sally! And Rolls Royce!”


School of Christ the King- Peppa Pig

Amy Jordan, Inclusion Lead, commented:

“We took two groups of infant pupils to the theatre. These children felt very lucky to be told they were going to watch a performance at the Hippodrome and had lots of questions about what it would be like inside. The whole experience was new, exciting and different for them causing lots of awe and wonder around the building, the actors and the audience. For children whose lives are otherwise limited, an opportunity like this is really important to enrich their understanding and expand their horizons. We were very grateful for the tickets.”