Corporate Volunteering with Ablaze

Why should your business get involved?

1 in 5 young people feel they will fail in life, with this rising to a third of those who are NEET (not in employment, education, or training).

The Prince’s Trust Youth NatWest Index, 2022

Yet, research has found that a young person who has 4 or more meaningful encounters with an employer is 86% less likely to become NEET.

Contemporary Transitions, Education and Employers Research, 2017

Airbus business mentors with students on the Airbus Foundation Discovery Space Youth Programme

Existing Ablaze business partners have reported that becoming a volunteer has helped their staff’s personal development by increasing wellbeing, their skills in negotiation, supervision and communication.

Our team of committed business volunteers find their input hugely rewarding and the feeling of satisfaction from taking part makes them feel valued. Those additional skills and feeling of reward feed directly back into their work. 

Our programmes match businesses’ CSR remit for improving the lives of children in the more disadvantaged areas of the city by increasing their chances of employment and a better life in the future.


“I most enjoyed knowing that I am making a difference to young people starting off in life and putting something back into the community. I could clearly see that what I’m doing is making a huge difference to them and seeing them improve throughout the school year is pretty inspiring.”

DWP volunteer

Students taking part in a career workshop with Airbus

Our volunteer business mentors impart knowledge of workplace skills, employability opportunities and pathways, inspiring and motivating students to raise their aspirations.

They can inspire and encourage students to realise the clear benefits of school, build their confidence and self-esteem and enable them to develop a clear and achievable career plan.

Our expertise

Ablaze has 17 years of experience in brokering relationships between businesses and school so you know you are in safe hands.

Our dedicated project managers will guide you through the volunteering process, ensuring that staff who participate have the best possible experience. We understand the importance of the reciprocal benefits of community engagement activities, and we make sure that your business sees those benefits realized.


“Please keep up the good work – it is fantastic scheme and enables children to have fun with numbers in a safe and supportive environment.”  

We can help you to make the most impact whilst also getting the best return on your investment. Our approach is simple:


We listen to your requirements and find out about your business model; we recommend volunteering opportunities to suit your business; we take care of logistics; we broker and manage the relationship; we measure and report on the impact of your volunteering

Benefits for volunteers

Volunteering through your business gives staff an opportunity to make a meaningful difference. Passing on your knowledge, skills & tips allows you to give someone else the benefit of your life experience – you will be a positive role model and can have a huge impact on a young person’s chances in life. The added benefits are being able to take some time away from your desk, meet other colleagues and build relationships within your business.

Support team bonding and networking, and develop transferable skills

Mentoring builds planning, presentation, influencing and communications skills directly applicable to the workplace and creates bonds between teams of mentor volunteers.



“We see it as a way for our people to develop personally and professionally, doing something good for the next generation but also being better at their own thing as a result. And they really love doing it!”

A mentoring lead

Promote employee engagement and wellbeing

Our mentors come from all different backgrounds and have had different routes into the workplace – sharing their stories has a powerful impact on young people.

We know from the feedback that we get from mentors that it improves employee engagement and satisfaction, encouraging more connection with their organisation as well as their local community and contributes to their personal development.

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We offer Corporate volunteering opportunities to tackle inequality of opportunity for young people in the West of England

A business volunteer reads with her Reading Partner at Whitehall Primary School

Reading & Number Partners

Boost Key Skills

Corporate volunteering in action- an Airbus volunteer with a Secondary School Student

Career Mentoring

Inspire the next generation

Young people receive careers advice

Employability Support

Getting career ready

Speed Communications staff after running the Bristol 10k to fundraise for Ablaze


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