School Evaluation of Pupil Outcomes for Reading Buddies

Thank you for your feedback. This information gives Ablaze the data we need to improve the programmes and helps us maintain valuable business support in schools. 

This form is for evaluating Reading Buddies

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Details of the person filling out this form
The measure you use to report attainment levels in reading to OFSTED - you may well be using the old National Curriculum Levels (NCL)
For example: '“Outstanding” or “Good” or “Adequate” or “Poor” or ...

Pupil Outcomes

Please use the table below to record the outcomes for each pupil you have on the scheme - for more than 25 pupils please submit this form and start a new one.

When answering the question about the improvement in reading level, please select how many reading levels each child gone up, according to the reading level assessment your school is using.

Reading level improvementConfidence increased?
pupil 01
pupil 02
pupil 03
pupil 04
pupil 05
pupil 06
pupil 07
pupil 08
pupil 09
pupil 10
pupil 11
pupil 12
pupil 13
pupil 14
pupil 15
pupil 16
pupil 17
pupil 18
pupil 19
pupil 20
pupil 21
pupil 22
pupil 23
pupil 24
pupil 25