Our Programmes

Ablaze programmes focus on the progression of young people from primary education through to widening participation in further and higher education, apprenticeships, training and employment. Programmes are delivered by business volunteers working on a one-to-one or group basis with students. Our aim is to build sustainable partnerships between businesses and schools and open up possibilities for bespoke interventions which introduce young people to opportunities in the workplace and the skills and attitudes required to succeed. Every business has the ability to provide valuable support to young people. This can include anything from supporting the curriculum with one off events, one-to-one working through the school year, group working, through to “whole school” themes and events. Bristol City Council and local academies appreciate the role business has played in recent improvements in school standards.

Programmes start early in Primary schools addressing literacy (Reading Buddies) and numeracy (Number Partners). Not only do these provide the key skills that underpin a child's schooling, but because they meet regularly with the same volunteers they also help to build social skills, confidence and improve attitudes to learning. This process of supporting emotional and social needs continues with the Role Models programme that introduce children from year 6 to the breadth of career paths that could be open to them, helping to raise aspirations and awareness.

The range of Ablaze programmes available in Secondary Schools and Academies reflects the importance of “employability skills” and the need for young people to gain self-confidence and professional skills to enable them to take responsibility for their own futures through the personal and social competencies which are so important if they are to be motivated to achieve.

Ablaze continue to develop a range of programmes which suit all age groups upwards from Year 8 and which are designed to reflect inclusion and increase aspiration and awareness in students of all abilities and from all socio-economic groups.

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Sectors From Year To Year Programme
Primary, Secondary 4 8 Reading Buddies Improving literacy and life chances through motivating children to develop an enjoyment of reading independently and increase their confidence in 30 minutes a week.
Primary, Secondary 4 8 Number Partners Volunteers meet weekly or fortnightly with small groups (3-4) of children to improve numeracy, boost confidence and enjoyment of learning through playing specially designed board games. These number partner interventions usually take place in Primary Schools.
Secondary 9 10 Speed-Interviewing “Speed-Dating” style Interviews – sessions for up to 50 students to interview volunteers and find out about their work
Secondary 9 10 Breaking Limits Six one-hourly sessions designed specifically to raise self-esteem, confidence and aspiration in year 9 and 10 girls who are dis-engaged from learning and likely to fail at GCSE level. This programme can also be effective for year 9 and 10 boys and small mixed SEN groups.
Secondary 10 11 High End Achievers Monthly one hour sessions for groups of year 10/11 students investigating career paths and likely to move into Higher Education including University.
Secondary, Post-16 10 12 Mock Interviews A formal interview structure session for year 10 to 12 students with verbal and written feedback and advice
Secondary, Post-16 11 14 Small Group Mentoring Following on from the High End Achievers programme for students wishing to follow a particular profession or discipline, with support in applying for College/University/Apprenticeships