Local Author helps pupils with their story writing

Wed, 12/07/2017 - 12:48 -- Vicki Gibbs
Huw Powell with St Pius X pupils

Earlier this week, a group of pupils from St Pius X Catholic Primary School wrapped up their writing course with Huw Powell, the Portishead based author of the popular Spacejackers children's books. Over the course of five sessions, the children learned about different types of writing and genres of stories. There was a real focus on how to make the story interesting to the reader through setting the scene, how to research, planning your story, using descriptive language and how to bring your story to a conclusion. The children also learned about the process a story goes through in order to be published as a book.

Class teacher Will Harding told us that he has noticed a definite improvement in the children's use of descriptive language, and their confidence in story writing over the course of the sessions. Judging by the quality of the stories read out, the children have certainly taken on board all Huw's advice!

We are incredibly grateful to OVO Energy for supporting this course, as well as to Huw and, of course, the wonderful pupils of St Pius X Primary.

Ablaze are a business-led charity who are wholly reliant on corporate sponsorship and CSR
involvement to help them support as many Primary & Secondary School pupils who are struggling
with their learning as possible. If your business would like to support schools in the Bristol and
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