Costco visit Ablaze to see how their donations make a difference

Mon, 11/12/2017 - 15:25 -- Vicki Gibbs
Costco Bristol Marketing Manager meets Ablaze staff

Katie Davies, Marketing Manager at Costco Bristol visited Ablaze to learn more about our work and see how their kind donation will make a difference to children in Bristol.

Costco Warehouse employees voted for Ablaze to receive a grant from United Way UK to support the Reading Buddies programme. The “Give Local” grants are funded through donations from Costco Warehouse staff via payroll giving and aim to support community based, local organisations with a focus on education income and health.

Ablaze rely on corporate donations and grants to operate, so we are incredibly grateful to the Costco Warehouse employees who donated money and voted for Ablaze to receive the Give Local grant.

Ablaze Primary Partnerships Manager Sally Ridley told Katie more about our Reading Buddies programme and how it supports children who need extra help with their literacy. Children needing support with their reading are matched with a volunteer from a local business who meet their buddy for 15-30 minute reading sessions, usually during lunchtime on a weekly or fortnightly basis. The programme motivates children to develop an enjoyment of reading independently and with more confidence. Once a child's confidence, enjoyment and ability to read is boosted, they will be on the way to developing their full potential. Ablaze also offers the Number Partners programme to help children with their numeracy skills.

Ablaze CEO Sally Melvin talked about the other programmes that Ablaze run, including the Secondary School mentoring Ablaze offer via the WEM partnership.

If your business would like to help us to support Bristol children by donating money or providing volunteers, please get in touch with us at You can see a short video about our Reading Buddies and Number Partner programmes at

Pictured left to right are: Vicki Gibbs, Ablaze Finance and Administration; Sally Melvin, Ablaze CEO; Katie Davies, Marketing Manager at Costco Warehouse Bristol; and Sally Ridley, Ablaze Primary Partnerships Manager.

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