Donations to Ablaze

Delivering successful outcomes to Ablaze programmes with young people is dependent on many volunteers and a regular flow of funds.

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Our sources of funding include:

  • Donations from organisations and individuals
  • Commissioned and contracted activities
  • Support from charitable trusts
  • Sponsorship of events
  • Training charges
Ablaze does not have set membership fees for individuals, businesses and schools but does have a keen awareness of true costs to maintain our  not-for-profit, charitable objectives and make our presence sustainable.
Organisations including businesses. schools, charitable trusts and PTAs contribute the bulk of our funding. Individuals, however, play an increasing role in enthusiastically helping us.
You may wish to engage in a sponsored run or other activity on our behalf-----even better if you persuade colleagues to join you! Within your organisation and friendship groups you may consider a dress down day, cake sale or other joint fun activity. Some may decide to sponsor a boy or girl receiving benefit from a reading buddy or mentor--- the cost is £50 per student----or even better be generous and sponsor a whole class!
We would, of course, be thrilled to benefit from legacies.
To make a donation, fill out the fields below and click the button.
To set up your own campaign page make a donation (£0 is possible!) and follow the links at the end of the process to set up your own campaign page, complete with thermometer style tracking of the goal.
Gift Aid, from individuals who pay income tax in the UK, allows us to claim back the tax you have paid,  thereby increasing the value of your contribution.
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Businesses, local authorities, federations and schools are able to commission Ablaze to carry out a project or piece of work which can be confirmed through a Service Level Agreement or Purchase Order. Initial contact can be made via or one of the team.
We do have to ask businesses to contribute towards the training costs of volunteers, and we ask schools to contribute to the cost of developing programmes and maintaining partnerships with businesses.
Donations are always welcome and can be made either to support our core work or attributed to a specific programme, project or event. In the current economic climate our sustainability does increasingly depend on your support. Email:
To set up your own campaign page, make a donation (£0 is possible!) and follow the simple instructions at the end of the process.
It should be recognised that TLT Solicitors generously provides Ablaze with office accommodation.This cuts our operational costs considerably.