What's important to us?

This is about exploring what is important to us now and what that may say about us and about what kind of life we might like in the future.


This is to get people to start thinking about the future, starting from where they are now. 

It lies within a general theme of 'knowing ourselves' and prepares students for the idea that they can and do make choices about what kind of lives they are going to lead.

The short version is great to help young people who tend to follow their peers that there are many differences between them


The short version uses only part one - once they have filled it in get them to put a start next to their top priorities and ask them to compare with their peers - oh look, they are different - by all means go on to a discussion.

Part 1

Print off the attached sheet(s)  - one per person - and introduce the activity as follows:

  • People have very different ideas about what's important in life. Let's see what is important to us.
  • Read through the list of activities below. Then put the figure 1,2,3 or 4 in the box.
1 - means that you don't think this is particularly important
2 -  means that you consider it to be quite important
3 - is if you think it's very important
4 - is the highest rating, where you think it is very important indeed
  • discussion: See if you can spot any patterns, what does that tell you about what life you might like in the future?

Part 2

  • Print off the attached survey, one per person - and have them complete as instructed on the sheet - 
  • Discuss with the student group the result of this survey attitudes. Talk about these questions within the group:
    • How important is it for people to be work-happy? Is it necessary for their self-esteem, their ambition, their need to have money? Can people be ambitious, happy and secure without a full-time job?
    • Is leisure becoming more important in life? Should there be more opportunities for the better use of leisure, or should we leave people to enjoy television and radio in their own homes and forget about improving the local area or providing for more leisure interest?
    • Thirty years on: how do you think you'd score then? Discuss what time and middle age do to people.
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