What is Success?

This is an exploration of what success means to you and your students.

It can be run as a discussion if you are in restricted space or one-to-one. In this case the attached sheet is cut up into 'cards' that are placed face down on the table and each person in turn turns a card and uses the prompt to start a discussion. This works only if you pull the discussion out, since the cards have a tendency to prompt 'yes' or 'no'.

A more interesting approach that works well with small groups is to do a 'walking vote'.

  • Print and cut up the attached sheet. It works best with the heaviest paper you can find to put in your printer.
  • You will notice that the 'cards' are in pairs. Stick these pairs of cards up around the room
  • Ask students to vote on each issue by lining up under one of the cards in a pair
  • Whilst standing ask them to debate their positions. If there is a position no-one votes for stand there and argue it yourself!
  • Walk on to the next issue.
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