TLT Solicitors

TLT Solicitors have shown a longstanding commitment from senior staff who actively promote volunteering with Ablaze. Conequently many members of staff, from all levels and departments, support Ablaze programmes across both primary and secondary schools.  In addition TLT staff received individual awards for their co-ordination of these programmes.

TLT also generously provides Ablaze with office accommodation.

Year on year TLT volunteers serve as reading buddies at Long Cross and Bankleaze schools in Lawrence Weston.  The schools report substantial improvements in the children’s reading levels and attribute this progress to the volunteers who also serve as positive role models.

At secondary level volunteers on the Ablaze Mentoring Progression programme at the Bridge Learning Campus make a significant contributor to student progression. 

One mentor with outstanding skills has successfully taken on and gained great respect from a challenged young man and his family.

A key feature of TLT’s success with Ablaze is that the HR team are very involved in the recruitment of volunteers and see that recognition of the skills practised during volunteering are an integral part of the staff development.  

Robert Bourns, TLT Senior Partner, says that 'ABLAZE has an excellent track record of brokering partnerships between schools and businesses, enabling effective relationships between students and volunteers. Significantly improved levels of student attainment are the measurable result. It is our experience that there are also significant benefits for the volunteers who take part, in terms of personal skills: mentoring, supervising, presenting and working as part of a wider team away from the office. In addition, there is a real opportunity to broaden the experience of students with the hope that it will inform their ambitions for the future. TLT has worked with ABLAZE for a number of years. It is an organisation that adds value by reference to all measures applied.'