Survival on the moon

You are lost on the moon with some stuff; what do you need to survive?

Problem statement
You are in a space craft originally scheduled to rendezvous with a mother ship on the lighted surface of the moon. Mechanical difficulties, however, have forced your ship to crash-land at a spot some 200 miles form the rendezvous point. The rough landing damaged much of the equipment aboard. Since survival depends on reaching the mother ship, the most critical items available must be chosen for the 200 mile trip.
Below are listed the 15 main items left intact after landing. Your task is to rank them in terms of their importance to your crew in its attempt to reach the mother ship. The item numbered number 1 is the most important, number 2 the second most important and so on through to 15, the least important.
  • Box of matches
  • Food concentrate
  • 50 feet of nylon rope
  • Parachute silk
  • Portable heating unit
  • Two 45 calibre pistols
  • One case dehydrated milk
  • Two 100 pound tanks of oxygen
  • Stellar map (of the moon's constellation)
  • Life raft
  • Magnetic compass
  • 5 gallons water
  • Signal flares
  • First aid kit containing injection needles
  • Solar powered FM receiver transmitter
Answer sheet to problem
Listed below are the correct rankings for the ' Survival on the Moon' items along with the reasons for the ranking provided by the NASA space survival unit.
(15) Box of matches Little or no use on the moon
(4) Food concentrate Supply daily food required
(6) 50 feet of nylon rope Useful in tying injured, help in climbing
(8) Parachute silk Shelter against the sun's rays
(13) Portable heating unit Useful only if party landed on dark side
(11) Two .45 calibre pistol Self-propulsion devices could be made from them
(12) One case dehydrated Food, mixed with water for drinking milk
(1) Two 100 pound tanks of oxygen Fills respiration requirements
(3) Stellar map of the Moon's constellation. One of the principal means of finding directions
(9) Life raft CO bottles for self-propulsion across chasms, etc.
(14) Magnetic compass Probably no magnetic poles thus useless
(2) 5 gallons water Replenishes loss by sweating, etc.
(10) Signal flares Distress call within line of sight
(7) First aid kit containing injection needles. Oral pills or injection needles valuable
(5) Solar powered FM transmitter Distress signal transmitter, possible communication with mother ship
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