Self-Awareness Personal Qualities

This exercise is to help you to think a little more carefully and in more detail about yourself.


  1. Take the self-awareness worksheet and put ticks in the boxes which best describe you. eg. if you know that at home you are always confident tick this box in column B, if you only feel confident sometimes at school tick this box in column C. The spaces in column A are for you to add anything you feel we have missed out.
  2. Exchange worksheets with another person in your group and discuss each of the qualities listed in column A. See if your friend sees you as you appear to yourself.
  3. On the next worksheet (Personal Qualities Action Sheet) write down any of the personal qualities you  would like to improve and how you might plan to do so.
SKILLS you may be using include -
    -recognising my personal strengths
    -empathising with other people
    add one other of your own
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