Preparing a work schedule

You are responsible for the maintenance of a large hotel and leisure complex. The hotel is five years old. You arrive for work one Monday morning to take over from the weekend skeleton maintenance staff to find this list of outstanding tasks. The time is 6.30 am, it is a fine June day. You have three members of staff and an apprentice. All your staff are specialists in particular areas, but they also have experience of trades allied to their own.

Your staff are;
  • An Electrician
  • A Carpenter
  • A Plumber
The apprentice started with the hotel three months ago and is on a day release course at the Further Education College, where the basics of all three trades listed above are taught in the first six months of the course.
Your task
You have to plan the schedule for the work to be carried out by your staff. List the jobs and the persons you ask to do that job, in the order that you want them to do them; the first job should be at the top of the list. Give brief reasons for the order in which you have listed the jobs.
The outstanding work is as follows:
  • The lights in all the 4th floor bedrooms are not working.
  • A floorboard has become dislodged in room 111.
  • The cold store compressor, which runs the refrigeration for the kitchens was reported to have broken down at 5.30am.
  • The new washbasin needs fitting in room 724.
  • There is a water leak in the hotels reception area.
  • The gents toilet in the Lounge bar of the Warwick Suite is blocked.
  • The main pump in the central heating boilers is making squeaking noises.
  • A window is broken in 264.
  • A customer using the squash courts last night reported a strong smell of gas.
  • The lifts need to have a series of checks as part of the safety standards laid down by the manufacturer. These have to be carried out today.
  • The hotel sign over the outside entrance to the Lounge Bar in the Arder Suite, which is the main street, is hanging precariously loose.
  • The cold tap in room 309 needs replacing.
  • A wardrobe door in room 287 has fallen off and damaged some of the paintwork.
  • Two minutes before you arrived a message came that a lady in room 304 has her toe stuck in the bath tap.
  • The resident's entrance to the dining room has been jammed stuck.
  • The resident in room 723 has complained of a strong smell of burning rubber.
  • Residents in rooms 802, 804 and 806 have all complained that they couldn't sleep because of noises from the pipes.
  • The kettle with which you make your tea has just gone bang!


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