Needs Values Excercise

To help people think about what is important to them when thinking about their future and about work. Useful tool for moving from discovery into dreaming phases of mentoring, but actually useful at any time someone is feeling their way, reconcidering options.

  1. First print out the attached sheets onto thick paper or card.
  2. Cut out the 'cards'. Notice that there are blank ones for you to fill in should you need them.
  3. Set aside the cards with titles at the top, High Priority, Dump and so on, for the moment - these are category cards.
  4. Turn the others face down on the table, and have your partner turn them over, or ask the person to flick through the stack of remaining cards and put the ones that interest them in a pile or piles to one side.
  5. You may either discuss what they mean to them at the time they are turning them over, or later - but this is an excercise in exploring and listening, so do have a discussion.
  6. Once you have a selection, place the category out in a line, then have your partner sort their selection into the categories - any number per category at first, then whittle them down to no more than the number given.
  7. Discuss the implications...
  8. It is a good idea to record the results (sorted cards) to refer back to later.
  • It is all about the discussion.
  • If you don't like the words, scribble over them (you can always re-print them), or make cards of your own!
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