My Protective Factors - self-discovery for Mentees

This questionnaire will help you understand the factors that help to protect you and help you to work effectively with your coach or mentor. 

No-one will see the answers you give - your coaches will be sent a graph to work through with you. It looks like a spider's webor a force-field diagram; they will not see your answers, only the graph that is produced. This is what you will explore with them.

The following questions will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete. 

In answering them, we are asking just two things of you:  

First: Read the question carefully, then answer quickly with the first answer that comes to mind. 

Second: IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you answer each question truthfully (answers will not be shared with teachers, mentors, parents or others). The study cannot help unless you tell the truth. 

For each of these sentences, please read along and check in thebox in front of the answer that is closest to how you feel about what the sentence says.

  • Check YES! If you believe very strongly that the sentence is true for you, that it is the way you feel almost all of the time.
  • Check yes If you sort of agree that the sentence is true for you, that it is the way you feel most of the time.
  • Check no If you sort of believe the sentence is false for you, that you do not feel that way most of the time.
  • Check NO! If you believe very strongly that the sentence is false, that you almost never feel this way.
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Your given name, rather than the name you share with your family.
I can tell my parents the way I feel about things *
I like to see other people happy *
Sometimes you have to physically fight to get what you want *
I will probably die before I am thirty *
I will always have friends *
I like to help around the house *
I might smoke cigarettes when I get older *
I really want to graduate from college *
I like the way I act *
I get mad easily *
I get along well with other people *
Being part of a team is fun *
Grown-ups seem to have fun when they drink alcohol *
My family expects too much of me *
People usually like me *
Other people decide what happens to me *
I think I will have a nice family when I get older *
If I disagree with a friend, I can tell them *
Drinking alcohol is bad for your health *
Finishing high school is important *
Sometimes I am ashamed of my parents *
I can be trusted *
I am afraid my life will be unhappy *
I like being around people *
I will probably drink alcohol when I am old enough *
School is a waste of time *
It is important to think before you act *
Bad things happen to people like me *
Helping others makes me feel good *
My family has let me down *
Following the rules is stupid *
My life is all mixed up *
I do whatever I feel like doing *
If I have a reason, I will change my mind *
It is hard for me to make friends *
It's okay to use drugs if you don't get caught *
I try hard to do well in school *
I like to do things with my family *
Most people can be trusted *
I can do most things I try *
If I study hard, I will get better grades *
When I am mad, I yell at people *
I think I can have a nice house when I grow up *
If I don't understand something, I will ask for an explanation *
My friends respect me *
I always like to do my part *
It is more important to play fair than to win *
Sometimes I break things on purpose *
I will probably never have enough money *
I am often too embarrassed to ask questions *
I often feel lonely *
If I have a chance, I might try drugs *
A lot of days I would rather not go to school *
There is some good in everybody *
When I try to be nice, people notice *
I hate being in front of a group *
It is important to do your part in helping at home *
If you work hard, you will get what you want *
Marijuana makes you happy *
I would like to quit school as soon as I can *
People usually drink alcohol at good parties *
I can't wait to be old enough to drink *
I am curious about alcohol and drugs *
I enjoy talking with my family *
Helping others is very satisfying *
I like the way I look *
If I feel like it, I hit people *
To make a good decision it is important to think about what will happen afterwards *
I often disappoint people *
I don't like most people *
I am responsible for what happens to me *
Remember: answer quickly and truthfully (your teachers, mentors and parents will not see your answers)