Behaviour profiles and how to work with them

When thinking about how best to work with someone, a young person you are mentoring for instance, it is a good idea to concider their behaviour and to adopt an approach that they will respond to. Here is one set of profiles and tactics for working best with them. This is a preparation tool that can be revisited at various times.


Analyticals are essentially perfectionists. They think things through, they're thorough, they like to have the facts and they can be very patient. However their patience can be their downfall. They won't act until they're sure. So, they can appear indecisivee.

With Analyticals:

  • prepare your case in advance
  • take your time but be persistent
  • play close attention to detail in any action plan
  • don't appeal to emotions, stick to facts.


Drivers are essentially 'let's get on with it' people. They live in the here and now and want to act immediately. That's their great strength — they like to get results. Their strength is, of course, also their weakness. They can act rashly and they can appear tyrannical.

With Drivers:

  • be brief and to the point
  • stick to business and avoid chit-chat
  • persuade by citing objectives and results
  • don't be bossy — drivers will not be driven.


Amiables are 'people people', considerate and empathic. This is what can make them such great coordinators. They may have their own opinions, but they're more interested in other people's. However this willingness to defer to others can make amiables look weak and conforming.

With Amiables:

  • be casual and informal
  • take your time
  • listen and respond
  • draw out their opinions.


Expressives look around constantly for fresh perspectives. They can be very intuitive and creative. But, if you want a straight answer to a straight question, ask somebody else.

With Expressives:

  • ask for their opinions and ideas
  • take your time
  • discuss the big picture, not the detail
  • bolster their confidence.


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