Airbus say

Airbus is proud of its long working relationship with ABLAZE and its achievements to date within numerous South West schools near to its engineering and manufacturing facility in Filton, Bristol. The company works in partnership with education bodies to support the Government drive to raise education standards and support the ‘Life Long Learning’ agenda. It aspires to encourage school children to take an interest in engineering, science, technology and maths in the hope they may pursue a future career in engineering and business.

As part of its Educational Partnership initiatives, Airbus donates professional time and finance to support schools in a diverse range of projects, including engineering competitions, careers events and work experience.'

Ablaze say

Airbus Direct Entry Graduates are some of the brightest and best, and through the policy of volunteering held fast by the company, they have driven volunteering up from 30 - 40 children benefiting from literacy and maths support to over 120 this year.  In 2006, just 3 schools benefited from weekly support.  By January 2013 this will have increased to 9, with some volunteers loving it so much, they attend two schools weekly!

Volunteering has been championed to spread to all types of employees too: apprentices; full-time employees; contractors; interns; direct entry graduates from 2010, 11 and 12 are all commiting during their lunch hours to support local children.

Jenny Taylor, Head teacher at Horfield C.E.V.C Primary school says:

An amazing 32 children at our school are currently benefiting from the support of Airbus. These fantastic volunteers give their time so willingly and their consistent regular support makes a real difference. Excellent relationships are built between the adults and their respective readers / mathematicians and it has been great to see the children really flourish with this brilliant input. The teams of volunteers are always so professionally supported by Ablaze so that the scheme runs very smoothly.'

Barbara Daykin, head teacher at Little Mead Primary says:

Children at Little Mead have benefited greatly from the Airbus volunteers who have supported us for the last 3 years.  Many of our children read very little beyond school so this regular reading experience and mentoring makes a real difference.  The Ablaze partnership brings together professionals from many fields, who are keen to share their time and expertise, and support our young people as they develop skills for the workplace.  We hope to continue this partnership which widens the children's horizons and opens up new possibilities'.

Jerry Henry, Airbus' Engineering Business Support Manager at Filton says:

We are thrilled that so many of our employees are voluntarily supporting such an amazing initiative. Contributing to the development of a young person's confidence and self-esteem through key skills in reading and maths is such a great thing on its own, but the initiative also provides our employees with their own personal and professional development.